The Silence Engine

InfluencesThe doors, The Beatles, R.E.M., Jeff Buckley, Nirvana
BioThe Silence Engine are a 4 piece melodic and dynamic, alternative rock band with 90’s leanings. They traverse musical landscapes from delicate, emotive acoustic ballads to powerful rock grooves. They have released their EP Shakti a hook laden, melodic, rock infused 5 track recording with lyrics covering Kundalini awakenings to the trials of modern relationships and are about to release their album Eternally Dreaming in the next few months. They have played numerous gigs around Melbourne at Mamma Chen’s, Red Betty and at Kindred in Yarraville etc and have had radio play too. Fronted by prolific singer/songwriter/guitarist Stefan Lafebre (who also plays rhythm guitar in The Bone Folders) his strong vocals combine with intricate and powerful lead guitars from guitarist Joe Walton, the highly trained musical talents of bassist and cellist Karolyni de Vila and the rock and poly-rhythm drumming of Matt Bowden. Each song is crafted to create a catchy and emotive musical experience.


Name Role
Stefan LafebreSinger/songwriter/guitarist
Joe WaltonLead guitarist
Matt BowdenDrummer
Karolyni de VilaBassist/cellist

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Title Date State
The Silence Engine Album Launch14/05/2023VIC


Melbourne Polytechnic VIC
  • 1.Shot down in flamesThe Silence Engine 7 Votes
  • 2.RollThe Silence Engine 7 Votes
  • 3.Fall with meThe Silence Engine 7 Votes