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Campus Music Comp is celebrating it’s 30th birthday in 2020, so we are going in hard! We are pretty proud of ourselves for surviving to 30 so to celebrate, the 2020 competition format will focus on celebrating the huge amount of talent we consistently see across our campuses.

Over the years the comp has seen a range of formats; for years we focused on live heats (campus > region > state > national) to select one winner, we then transitioned to online submissions and Judges selected seven Artists to compete in a live Final in Sydney to select a winner. This has meant that we’ve traditionally offered a major prize to a select competitor at the end of the competition period.

This year we are shaking things up.

Because we’ve seeing so much epic talent coming through the comp, we want to recognise that and are moving away from one major prize for one artist. Instead we want to share the love and so we’ve bagged a huge range of prizes and opportunities to hand out throughout the year.  The recipients of each prize will be hand-picked by chosen Industry Judges, meaning that your music will be seen by some of the best in the business regardless of whether you grab a prize.

Submissions can be in the categories of Live or Electronic. Each prize will be announced on our NEWS page, including all of the deets you need to know about being in the running, and we will send you shout-outs to remind you of deadlines in emails and on our socials. Take a look at the prizes we have announced so far, below….

We have also lined up live performance opps on heaps of campuses throughout the year, to make sure you get your dose of gigs. It’s a chance to get your sounds heard locally and also to practice your live set. Note – these live gigs have currently been put on hold due to COVID-19. Keep checking the NEWS page and emails for updates. 

When you scroll down you will see we’ve listed a few common questions, but if you have something else you would like to know, make sure you Contact Us so we can help you out! We will keep updating this page as we release new features to the website and with FAQ we receive.

To be eligible to submit, you must be a currently enrolled student at a campus which holds a current Financial Membership with Tertiary Access Group (TAG). See the full list of eligible campuses here. If your campus is not listed, contact us and we can look into it for you.

Submissions close 31st October, 2020. Participants are able to log-in and add to/edit their submissions throughout the Competition Period, until this date.

Yes, you can access your ‘My Account’ portal up until the close of Submissions, to edit existing content and add new content by clicking the ‘Login’ button in the header.

Yes, but conditions apply. Make yourself familiar with the competition Terms & Conditions

In recognition of the Competition’s 30th birthday, the 2020 competition format will be less about competing and more about celebrating. As such, we aim to move away from a major prize for one artist per category, and offer a wide range of opportunities throughout the year to recognise the talent that we are seeing across our campuses.

There will be a number of deadlines and opportunities throughout the competition period which will be communicated via Competition News and Social Media accounts.

Due to the new format of prize offerings, we will not be holding a ‘Final’. There will be a number of opportunities for live performances throughout the competition period, which will be communicated via Competition News and Social Media accounts. Please note that due to COVID-19 a number of live performance opportunities have been cancelled or postponed and updates will be made via our News page, as any are rescheduled.

These resources are specifically for those who have entered a Submission to the competition, at which point you can access the restricted items on the NEWS page, once logged-in.

Yes, but restrictions apply. Make yourself familiar with the competition Terms & Conditions

No, but you give National Campus Music Competition to use what you submit for non-commercial purposes. Therefore, you retain all copyright to the tracks but NCMC can utilise tracks as long as we are not making money off it – for example having tracks publicly available for users of this website, and using tracks in competition promotions.

Yes, there is a limit of 10MB per track. Generally it is recommended that MP3 files should equate to around 1.5MB per 1 minute of music so therefore, our limit should allow tracks up to around six and a half minutes in length. If you have a track that is greater than that and you require an exemption on the upload limit, contact us directly.

If you have reason to believe that someone is misusing the Voting functionality, please contact us to let us know with as much detail as possible about your concerns. The Web Team will investigate the claims and should they find proof of misuse, appropriate action will be taken which may include disqualification or reversal of votes.