InfluencesMuse, Radiohead, My Chemical Romance
BioFrom the streets of Newcastle NSW comes alternative rock band Snowfish. Consisting of brothers Jordan, Solomon, and Kalan Rodrigues, Snowfish as a project, is an introspective expression of music and the emotions, experiences, and memories it can create. Musically inspired by Muse, My Chemical Romance & Radiohead, Snowfish aim to convey a similar feeling within their songwriting, their concepts firmly centred around finding light in the darkness and growing through struggle, in the form of edgy and energetic guitar riffs and diverse vocal melodies. Their first offering titled Ghost has cemented their foothold on the Australian rock circuit as a band on the come up, gaining over 20,000 collective streams and features on Hysteria Magazine, Amnplify, and Temporary Dreamer. Whatever the future holds is unclear, the one constant is that Snowfish will continue to develop into an Australian rock heavyweight.


Name Role
Solomon RodriguesDrummer
Jordan RodriguesSinger + Guitarist
Kalan RodriguesBassist

See us perform at

Title Date State
Live at the Library18/06/2021NSW


University of Newcastle NSW
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