JP Marzin

Sub-GenreOther - Melodic
InfluencesSuperFlu, Marc DePulse, Rory Marshall, Tim Light, Jared Marston + more
Bioborn and raised in the inner parts of south east Melbourne, JP Marzin grew up entwined in music working as a roadie for his father. destined to be a musician himself, JP Marzin made his mark with over 15 years experience in Melbourne’s live music scene, playing with a number of professional artists as a working drummer. known for his eclectic taste in music from classical to metal, rap, hip hop, disco/funk, house/techno, and his combination of composition and endless sense of rhythm, his productions are constantly evolving and always energetic. he has entrenched himself within Melbourne's nightlife and it's easy to see that his love for people and his undying passion resonates through his music.


Name Role
Jared MarzinProducer


Melbourne Polytechnic VIC
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