InfluencesJohn Lennon, Nick Cave, Astor Piazzolla , Chico Buarque, Charly Garcia, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Herman Hesse
BioCravzov is the solo project of Pablo Cravzov, an Argentinian musician based in Melbourne since 2020. For 11 years, he was a composer and voice in the band Sur du Monde that led him to tour Azerbaijan, the United States (SXSW Festival) and Europe. Cravzov proposes songs that come from Rock but are screened in Pop, where synthesizers and processed voices predominate. The songs have the melancholic sensitivity of Pop music and the epic of Rock with traits of modern Psychedelia. The lyric talks about travel and all other things.


Name Role
Pablo CravzovComposer/Performer


Melbourne Polytechnic VIC
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