‘Name Your Price’ to support WIRES

10 January 2020 | Music Comp

Buy some unreleased tracks from Jones the Cat, while supporting WIRES bushfire recovery.

Furphy supports the #EmptyEsky Appeal

1 January 2020 | Music Comp

Stay local and buy local to support bushfire affected areas.

Muka Vhatti takes the win!

5 October 2019 | Music Comp

For the first time in the history of the National Campus Music Competition, a hip-hop artist has been crowned the LIVE winner.

Embracing student talents

4 October 2019 | Music Comp

Thomas Freeman, winner of our 2019 Photo Comp joined us at the live final of Campus Music Comp.

Electronic Producer, Maxwell Dexter wins

30 September 2019 | Music Comp

Swinburne student takes the top spot of our 2019 Electronic category