InfluencesAgainst Me!, Jeff Rosenstock, Pat The Bunny, Pigeon Pit
BioBrodyGreg is a solo songwriter with a very stupid name, currently working on his second EP. With a shouty emotionally driven vocal delivery, often autobiographical lyrics about finding hope in and creating a better world while living under late-stage capitalism, a penchant for songs with wordy as hell verses and no choruses, and seemingly a deep need to just beat the hell of acoustic guitars, BrodyGreg's folk-punk influences shine through. BrodyGreg live may not have all the bells and whistles present on his recent single recording "Apathy Annihilation Anthem", but he'll bring the energy of a full band all the same.


Name Role
Brody PosthumaVocals, Guitar, Songwriting

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Title Date State
Maggie's Wake15/04/2023TAS


Victoria University NSW
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