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7 September 2023 | Uncategorised

Each month we have a music comp winner & two runners-up. These submissions will automatically be added to our end of year MAJOR COMP!
Monthly winners & runners up will have the chance to win up to $8000 worth of prizes!
This will be announced at our annual Student Experience Network awards night – 23rd November 2023!


Our talented campus musicians have poured their hearts and souls into the national campus music competition, and now they need our support more than ever. It’s time to rally behind your favourite song submission and help them shine on the national stage. Your vote can make a world of difference in boosting their confidence and musical career. Let’s come together as a united front and ensure that your favourite song emerges victorious. Voting is a simple and impactful way to show your love and appreciation for their talent. So, don’t wait any longer; click that vote button, and let’s make our voices heard in support of our cherished artist! Your vote could be the one that propels them to stardom!

Following the submission deadline, a People’s Choice Prize will be awarded in each category, based on the submissions that have received the highest number of verified votes through the website. You should encourage your friends and family to vote for your work but please note, only one vote per person is allowed. The Organiser reserves the right to not award a prize where there is evidence of abuse of the voting system. Votes will be analysed for authenticity from time to time, and duplicates, bot-generated votes, and large-scale VPN votes will be disallowed.

It’s back for October… win a studio recording session!