Kitty Rae

InfluencesSia, Lorde, Billie Eilish, Vera Blue, Wafia
BioWitness the rise of Melbourne based, dark-pop artist Kitty Rae. She’s creating a reputation for her energetic live shows that are sure to grasp your soul with hard-hitting lyrics and whisk you off your feet with driven beats that get you moving. Reminiscent of Lorde and Vera Blue – Kitty’s sound is blossoming through her work as witnessed in her debut EP from 2020, The Prelude. Kitty Rae has something to say with her powerful voice and she is not backing away from using her music as a platform to share these messages of strength and empowerment with her fans.


Name Role
Kitty RobinsonArtist/Songwriter


Monash University, Clayton VIC
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