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Ladies to the front of the Voting Chart

8 July 2021 | Music Comp

After four weeks of solid campaigning from a number of artists, when the clock ticked midnight on 1st July the votes were counted to determine the winners for the Public Vote Giveaway.

Shout outs to everyone who has been pushing their profiles to their networks for the recent Vote To Win giveaway, don’t stop now as we will continue to feature and reward those who are achieving greatness in our Voting Chart throughout the year.

We are stoked to reward the top voted track in each category (Live and Electronic) with a $1500 voucher each, to a Music Store or Music Equipment Supplier of their choosing.


Live category and overall winning track with 4,741 votes: ‘Shy to Shine’ by Magdalia (Melbourne Polytechnic)

A singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Magdalia, has an affinity for storytelling with her emotional and unique tone of voice. She describes her aesthetic as ethereal and soft, with artists such as Florence & the Machine, Sia, Catie Turner and Dido, along with a wide range of musical theatre performers, influencing her own heartfelt and intimate songs.


Electronic category winning track with 1,256 votes: ‘RED LIGHTS’ by Kitty Rae (Monash University)

Kitty Rae is a Melbourne based, dark-pop artist creating a reputation for her energetic live shows that are sure to grasp your soul with hard-hitting lyrics and whisk you off your feet with driven beats that get you moving. Kitty Rae has something to say with her powerful voice and she is not backing away from using her music as a platform to share these messages of strength and empowerment with her fans.

Ladies to the front of the Voting Chart