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Jamarz on Marz hits Mardi Gras stage

22 February 2020 | Music Comp

2017 Competition Finalist, Jamarz on Marz (James Emmanuel) is on a mission to normalise queer culture through his music. Since publicly coming out through his track ‘Amnesia’ at 19 years of age, Jamarz says his music is helping him self-soothe and he wants to use it to start a conversation.

Over the past 12 months, Jamarz has featured on the ABC’s ‘The Recording Studio’ to share his story and record his track ‘Radiate’ with Horrorshow, he was invited to perform on stage at Mardi Gras Fair Day to a crowd which saw up to 80,000 across the event (check out his video here) and was included in the ‘Proud Out Loud’ series by The Huffington Post.

We are loving watching Jamarz’s musical journey, with no doubt plenty more to come!

Jamarz on Marz hits Mardi Gras stage