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Updates to live-streaming music

28 September 2020 | Music Comp

You may have heard the rumours that Facebook are changing up ‘listening experiences’ on the Facebook and Instagram platforms from 1st October.  So we have been researching the changes and this is a break-down of what we have read…..

Facebook does NOT want users to turning the platform into one that you press play and walk away (like Spotify or YouTube), this is what they term a ‘listening experience’.

Facebook DOES want interactive social events’ where viewer’s are actively engaged, watching, commenting and sharing. So if you are an artist streaming your own tracks live, you shouldn’t be affected too much.

What can you do to avoid your content being blocked?

  • avoid copyright sound recordings – if you are a DJ who uses sound recordings owned both other artists/labels then Facebook may not be the platform for your content
  • make your performance interactive – talk to the audience in between tracks, prompt the audience to request songs
  • do not post static image videos (for example your album artwork or a static image with your music playing simultaneously)

The platform is not trying to deter live streaming, but wants to keep it social. In fact they have recently introduced some cool new features that support live performances which are worthwhile checking out:

  • Facebook Stars – the ability for fans to tip the artists during a live stream
  • Comments – they have introduced some improvements to the comments section during live stream to make it more interactive and fun for viewers
Updates to live-streaming music