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Artist Storytelling; Create Your Bio

20 May 2020 | Music Comp

You are a story teller in your music, so why is it so tough to create yourself the ultimate Artist Bio?

Your bio should get to the heart of you as an artist, it should tell the truth and it should be authentic to the reader. As an emerging artist, chances are you are shifting and experimenting with your artistic identity, so make sure you set yourself a reminder every 6 months to review your Bio and make sure it still fits with you.

A few things to consider before you start writing yours:

  • What environment inspires your writing? Do you work better with paper, computer, voice recording? Are you most creative outside or at your desk? Set yourself up with what you know works for you.
  • What emotions do you want to leave the reader with when they think of you? Interesting, Funny, Tender, Painful?
  • What is the key moment that you want to leave the reader with? A light-bulb moment, a highlight, a tragedy?
  • Do some research of artists you relate to and check out their Bios for some inspo

Apart from giving you an air of professionalism, setting yourself up with a solid Artist Bio will save you time and energy because it gives you a framework for your communications and can be tailored to be used across your website, social media accounts and media releases.

Some of our top tips for writing your Artist Bio:

  • your intro is your chance to pull the reader in; make it bang, or you will lose them
  • include the important things first; it doesn’t necessarily need to be chronological
  • don’t include everything; readers are busy so keep it snappy and pick the most iconic and memorable bits
  • try not to use cliches; they can come across inauthentic
  • avoid typos and bad grammar; it’s not a good look
Artist Storytelling; Create Your Bio